Physico-Chemical Treatment:

Physio-Chemical Treatment is dedicated to removal of suspended particles. Suspended solid are removed by gravity settling in primary clarifiers using Poly electrolyte (Flocculent). The primary sludge generated is taken to decanter centrifuge and store in Secured Engineered Landfill. The system comprises of flash mixer, chemical dosing tanks, primary clarifiers and pumps. Sludge generated is sent to Treatment Storage and Disposal Facility (TSDF).

Biological Treatment:

The clarified effluent is given biological treatment. In aeration system HRT of 4.5 to 5 days is provided. The system comprises of aeration tanks, surface aerators, secondary clarifier, sludge recirculation pump. The biologically treated effluent is monitored for quality and is finally discharged to STP, Amberpet. The sludge generated from biological system is concentrated in decanter Centrifuge. The liquid effluent from decanter is channeled to Equalisation tank. The concentrated biological sludge is converted into EM Compost.

Final Collection & Disposal:

The final treated effluent is sent to STP, Amberpet through 26 KM pipeline where it is treated along with the city sewage 260 MLD and disposed. The treated effluent is monitored with the help of on line pH meter, TOC analyzer & through V-Notch before being finally discharged. Composite sample analysis is made by Andhra Pradesh Pollution Control Board, Hyderabad Metropolitan Water Supply & Sewerage Board and JETL to ensure compliance to Surface Discharge Standards.

To process High TDS Waste Waster Multiple Effect Evaporator and Spray Dryer are installed