Sri GKB Chowdary

Chairman : JETL

Chairman's Message

Jeedimetla Effluent Treatment Limited is an experiment by forward looking entrepreneurs operating small and medium industries in the chemical and pharmaceutical fields.

This venture was taken up at a high risk and much against the trend of leaning on Govt. agencies to provide the infrastructure. This is truly a cooperative venture in corporate sector. The promoters were able to convince and garner adequate support from the member industries to self-finance first two phases of the project.

The motto of the venture was to minimize water consumption, encourage water re-use and re-circulation and provide solution to the wastewater problems of small and medium industries which were otherwise daunting and difficult for self-employed entrepreneurs to grapple with. This helped the member industries to work towards sustainable growth while meeting their environmental obligations.

JETL is a model from generating wealth out of waste and encouraging the member industries for re-use and re-cycle of treated waste waters to conserve the scare natural resource of water.

In this direction, JETL has worked with Research institutions, academic institutions and others. Some of the examples are its co-development projects with IICT, Hyderabad, IIT Mumbai, Department of Chemical Technology, Osmania University, Hyderabad, BharathiDasan University, Trichy and NEERI, Nagpur.

Overall, the journey of JETL has been successful, satisfying and gratifying as it has become a model for various industrial estates in India and Asia for the effluent treatment solutions for cluster of industries and industrial estates.