Future Outlook

The Management of JETL constantly strives towards improvement of treatment facility and works towards betterment of the efficiency within reach CWWTP is operated. JETL continuously monitors the performance of its facilities and strives to meet the demanding requirements of its customers, who not only include its member but the regulatory authorities, neighbourhood colony and the community at large. With a view to perform up to its capacity and meet the requirements and aspirations of the stake holders, JETL has set itself the following agenda.

1. Enhance the capacity of CWWTP to meet the demand from member units in Jeedimetla Industrial Estate.

2. Promote / Encourage Industries to adapt cleaner technologies of Production to Reduce Pollution Load in Terms of Volume, Organic as well as inorganic loads.

3. JETL's focus is on areas like Energy Conservation, Unit Processes for member industries and Product Recovery and Recycling. Several studies have been launched for developing unit processes such as ammonia recovery, salt recovery, etc.

4. Exploring to make ZLD Plant