Environmental Policy

Jeedimetla Effluent Treatment Limited is engaged in preventing pollution by treating industrial effluents to environmentally acceptable norms by taking it as a social responsibility.

We are committed to improve living condition in our neighbourhood with people's participation in improving sanitation and ecology.

We shall continuously Endeavour to adhere to operational controls on effluent quality, transportation, handling of effluents, storage of generated sludge and maintenance of pipelines and equipments to ensure legislative compliance.

We are committed to continual improvement of quality of discharged effluents through focused environmental objectives.

We are committed to conserve resources by optimizing processes and by reuse/recycle.

We shall communicate to employees and interested parties, key features of our operations.

Public shall be informed of the Company's Environmental Policy through display at entrance, letters and other appropriate means.

Safety Policy

Jeedimetla Effluent Treatment Limited is committed to safeguard the employees/others and property by adopting a planned and systematic approach for the management of safety by its successful implementation with prominence on

  • Providing adequate resources for safety management.
  • Ensure compliance with relevant legal and other requirements pertaining to safety.
  • Encouraging participative safety management amongst all the employees & others.
  • Providing training to all employees and others on safety.
  • Implementing periodical review and facilitating continual improvement of safety.